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 I have known Joshua Swift for several years; like me, he's had a lifelong passion for monster modeling.  In 2015 he decided to take the hobby to the next level by producing garage kits of his own.  He spent a lot of money and time in order to learn the business of and processes for casting resin busts.  And, to sculpt the masters for his busts, he acquired the services of Ray Santoleri, one of the top names in the field.


The result was Crimson Pool Productions, Joshua's firm that produces 1/4 scale resin busts of horror film subjects rarely - if ever - offered before.  I am honored that Joshua has asked me to build and paint the "official" busts for his promotional materials.  He has steadily continued to expand his lines of busts, so come back soon - you never know what may bubble up out of the Crimson Pool!

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